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InfoSource, over the years, has established itself as an international leader in the port's industry and has achieved outstanding results in terms of operational growth and revenues as well as industry recognition and client focus.
The journey has been incredible for InfoSource's clients, partners and employees with the birth and growth of a truly extraordinary company. InfoSource today enjoys well-recognised industry expertise, strong corporate values and an impressive track record.

Our client-centric orientation and our continuous product investment are major contributing factors to InfoSource's success. However, we believe that what truly differentiates us is our passion for what we do and what we offer and our dedication to our clients.

Organizations shortlist and select InfoSource for two reasons:

At a corporate level, clients trust InfoSource and know they can rely on us because we are passionate about our business and are committed to them. InfoSource is a solid company and we benefit from our longevity in the market place and from a lengthy and impressive experience within the ports and transportation industry.

At a product level, clients buy the functionality and technical superiority of our software. Our clients know that in buying InfoSource software and services, they will meet their immediate business needs and more importantly the future needs of the industry.
 Our Flagship Product
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Measure, Control, Execute   and Manage the entire engineering and support activity.

Infusion of only the best technologies available from strong industry players create reliable systems.
An ELS (Equipment Logistics System) designed specifically to support Port and Terminal Operations.
Remy specializes in Knowledge Management systems of business processes, maintenance, logistics, diagnostics.

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